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You get VIP Entry to my album release party, free entry to all the events I produce this year and a free copy of my up coming documentary for contributing to funding the complexion of this project. THANK YOU!


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Pump & Drive - Matthew Hartnett
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Hey Friends,

I'm very excited to get this music to the world. The journey from my mind, to paper, to hearing it live and now recorded has been AMAZING!  


My life has evolved right along side of the very music it has consequently inspired. During this process I found a woman just crazy enough to marry me. We bought a house and have been going non stop since. 


I can't wait to get "Southern Comfort"  to you. I have invested a lot into this project, time, money and creativity. Financially I have spent about; 2,500 on recording the record, 1,400 on mixing and 1, 000 on media /misc needs.


I now need to wrap the project up with album art work, mastering, a little more mixing,  and the final printing and pressing.


3,500 is what the estimated costs of these finishing touches are. Thank you you for your contributions to my life thus far, please take this time to contribute bringing this project to its full completion. Let's make this happen yall!