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Chuuch at's always a movie.

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Last night was mad trill.
My friend and I had a blast last night at Darwin’s Pub last night. Live music, pure souls, and VEGAN GUMBOOOO!! The vibes were phenomenal and I’ll be back next Sunday.
I love everyone I met last night and I adopted a new departure phrase, “Peace on purpose”



If it's Sunday and it's NOT The Gumbo Jam. I don't want it.

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Tonight was nothing short of amazing! @matthewhartnett is a musical genius. To have such raw, pure musical harmony with no practice, is a product of his genius.


About The Gumbo Jam

The Gumbo Jam is a Louisiana inspired jam session with a serious emphasis on horns. Hosted by Matthew Hartnett this session is home of all things funky and groovy. Singers, rappers, poets, musicians and of course horn players from all over come party in the loose laid back vibe of #TeamHornSection and The Gumbo Band. If you like to dance and hear great music, this is the place.